About Us

Saud Gloves is a manufacturing company that has been producing and exporting high quality leather safety gloves for several years. Saud Gloves stands for quality, protection and trust. Our mission is to develop the right type of protective glove for our customers while maintaining agreed quality and price points. Our gloves are designed for a variety of purposes, including agriculture, construction, manufacturing and more.

Company Social  Responsibility 


Actively contribute to the economic and social development of the companies in which we operate, to improve the quality of life for our employees, their families, and the communities in which we live. to do. Development of our country. We come from society and work for hand in hand with society to actively contribute to society.


Our Saud gloves family works hard to reduce our environmental footprint and help our customers do so. We can be a change for the better and more sustainable environment.


Our Saud gloves family helps give back to society through a variety of charitable initiatives.

Market Place

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of product innovation and sustainability in the glove industry, providing the best hand protection for your hands at work, home, and play.

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Our Factory

Our gloves are made in our factory and all leather, fabrics, wool, and other materials are personally purchased. This allows you to control your production chain and ensure a high level of quality. Some models are handcrafted by India’s most experienced glove makers. In 2019, we produced over 1 million pairs of gloves. The company employs approximately 50 people at its headquarters in Kolkata.

The region accounts for over 90% of domestic exports of industrial leather gloves, and Kolkata’s eastern extremity (City of Delights) has some of the most vibrant and dynamic exporters of the product.

Industrial glove production in India is estimated to be around 150 million pairs per year and the industry, despite being economically disadvantaged, has a highly skilled workforce that makes up the bulk of the industry’s workforce. We employ many people who

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Director's Vision

Saud Khan had a dream that: would become the best manufacturer of industrial gloves in the world.

Since his school, he has given raw leather from multiple local shops to suppliers. At that time, his vision was that one day he would definitely work in the leather industry. When he entered the leather industry, he liked safety industrial leather hand gloves because they provided safety and comfort. From that day onwards, his desire was to enter the leather industry. And he is continuing to do it.

That was his 2010 year. Sustainability was not yet a fashionable word, but his vision was to become known as an ethical producer. He was to become known as a manufacturer of quality products with superior craftsmanship as well as competing with the best in the world. Environmentally Friendly.

After 12 years and millions pairs, he still leads the vignette gloves from the front and believes the second place is not an option. The mission is still there: to go beyond what our gloves deserve: skin to hand to heart!