Frequently Asked Questions

Saud gloves is Leather Gloves Manufacturer and provide full-service contract manufacturing services to Private Label Leather gloves brands around the world.
We neither employ nor condone child labor. All of our craftsmen and other personnel are seasoned veterans of the industry with an average of 12 years of experience.
Unlike synthetic materials, leather is a natural organic material derived from renewable source and is far more aesthetically beautiful, long lasting, and versatile. The appearance of good leather doesn’t deteriorate as it ages, instead it acquires character- thanks to the fine patina that develops over time. Although the initial investment of quality leather may be more than synthetic materials, leather is actually your best value in the long run as it outlasts other materials 4 to 1 .
The cost savings associated with strategic outsourcing not only give a business an edge over its competition, but has become crucial for the survival of many businesses. 
  • Cost: The cost benefits of outsourcing are obvious in terms of cheaper labor and material costs. In case of variable sourcing contracts, the costs can be reduced further in the form of higher productivity of employ
  • Quality: Most outsourcing vendors have a better process maturity in their core areas as compared to the client. As a result, such vendors can deliver high quality products.
The survival of our business rests on quality of our products and therefore we’re extremely serious about quality and workmanship of our products. We have a tiered Quality Control System in place that ensures process integrity at three different levels and assures finished product conformance with product specifications.
Most of the products displayed on our website are all our own designs and therefore can be ordered by anyone. These products can be brand personalized with your own brand logo stamped. Even though we typically do not display products that we produce for our customers based on their proprietary specifications, there may be some products on the website and those are for illustration purposes only. 
No. We only offer business-to business services and work with new and established businesses with valid business registration and Sales Tax/VAT numbers.
Exotic skins like Croc, Lizard, Ostrich, and others are prohibited by law in India and therefore can not be used in production.
We can produce virtually any color matching to your color swatch specification
Please call or contact us and let us know the leather products of your interest. We’ll send you a Pro-forma Invoice quoting you our best prices based on the ordered quantity and your preferred shipping method.
The production lead time depends on the ordered quantity. However, most of the orders are shipped within 6-8 weeks of order confirmation. For larger and repeat orders a shipment schedule can be negotiated in advance.
We would be happy to send you the prices for individual products. Please contact us and let us know the leather products you would like us to quote you for.