Our Industry

We manufacture and ship over millions pairs per year and are constantly expanding and improving our production capacity and capabilities to ensure that our customers receive high quality, on-time delivery, and short lead times.

Large modern in-house tannery with integrated sewing facility. All leather is processed in our tannery. This includes all cattle and goat grains and splits including processing, finishing, and coloring. All cuff materials and apparel, work leathers, processing, and sewing are also done in-house.

Four efficient and well-equipped manufacturing facilities are operated by highly skilled technicians and workers and are all certified. Our gloves are CE approved and most of our gloves are tested and certified.

Our glove factories in Kolkata the leading leather glove locations in India and the advantage of sourcing the highest quality raw materials and labor.

Efficient and well-planned supply chain programs that enable us to purchase and stock large volumes of raw materials, including imported hides and skins.

The Winter Lining Gloves have a variety of features to enhance their protective properties, including high-quality cow-split leather cuffs and attachments. A leader in oil and water-repellent leather and other special treatments that improve the comfort, durability, and appearance of leather.

We are the Manufacturer  Wholesaler Exporter of Industrial Leather gloves

Our Story

Our gloves are made in our factory and all leather, fabrics, wool, and other materials are personally purchased. This allows you to control your production chain and ensure a high level of quality. Some models are handcrafted by India’s most experienced glove makers. In 2019, we produced over 1 million pairs of gloves. The company employs approximately 50 people at its headquarters in Kolkata.

The region accounts for over 90% of domestic exports of industrial leather gloves, and Kolkata’s eastern extremity (City of Delights) has some of the most vibrant and dynamic exporters of the product.

Industrial glove production in India is estimated to be around 150 million pairs per year and the industry, despite being economically disadvantaged, has a highly skilled workforce that makes up the bulk of the industry’s workforce. We employ many people who

At Saud gloves, we are not only dedicated to doing our part to achieve our industry’s goals, but we are well prepared to do so.

Saud gloves were creating sustainable fashion long before the term was coined. All Saud gloves are made from the highest quality, ethically sourced leather and stitched to perfection so they will last for decades with proper care.

From runway trends to wardrobe clips, our talented team of designers and craftsmen work together to create traditional gloves that are both stylish and practical.